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Stress, stress-asymmetry and contact moments in granular matter

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The physical nature of contact moments within granular assemblies is reviewed and a new approach is developed for the homogenisation of stress within these materials. This approach revolves around capturing the effects of contact moments through the concept of contact eccentricity. By this method it is possible to calculate an expression for bulk stress that is both symmetric for material in equilibrium and fully consistent with the usual definition of bulk stress as an ensemble average of material stress over a representative volume element. The technique is demonstrated in a simple two dimensional example, as well as a larger scale discrete element modelling simulation of a steady state direct shear experiment.


Homogenisation of granular materials  Stress asymmetry  Couple stress Cosserat continuum Contact moments Rolling friction 



The Author is indebted to Dr. Ian Benn of the School of Science and IT at the University of Newcastle for his assistance in resolving a key mathematical issue in the work. This work is supported by the Australian Research Council through their Discovery Project Grant Scheme (DP130104290).


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