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Review on testers for measuring flow properties of bulk solids

  • Jörg Schwedes


 The author was asked by the International Fine Particle Research Institue (IFPRI) to write a critical review on shear testers for IFPRI-members. The review was delivered to IFPRI in summer 1999. Following the contract with IFPRI it was not allowed to publish the review elsewhere for at least two years. Granular Matter invited the author to submit the review in the original form; during the refereeing process (besides other changes) it turned out that some remarks should be added here for clarification: - Since 1999, the author is not aware of a really new device for testing bulk solid properties, which could lead to a change of the general comments and conclusions provided in the review.

It was argued, that the review is referring too much to the work of Jenike, while the works of Johanson and Peschl were not adequately cited. Both are excellent engineers with a lot of experience, but their basic ideas are not available in published form, and if, they are not set in relation to alternative approaches so that an objective comparison in detail would be a future research issue rather than a topic in this report.

A discussion on the influence of electrostatic charges was missing. There hardly is an influence, since the particles are in continuous contact. Only with non-conducting plastic particles electrostatic charges could cause problems. But no relevant experiments and results are known. In closed systems, the effect of electric charges is thus mainly neglected, but it is clear that electrostatic forces are eminent in flows with a free surface – an issue not addressed in this review.

Keywordsensp;Shear tester, Powder, Bulk solid, Flowability, Flow function, Silo, Friction, Flow properties 


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