Texture feature benchmarking and evaluation for historical document image analysis

  • Maroua Mehri
  • Pierre Héroux
  • Petra Gomez-Krämer
  • Rémy Mullot
Original Paper


The use of different texture-based methods is pervasive in different subfields and tasks of document image analysis (DIA) and particularly in historical DIA (HDIA). Nevertheless, faced with a large diversity of texture-based methods used for HDIA, few questions arise. Which texture methods are firstly well suited for segmenting graphical contents from textual ones, discriminating various text fonts and scales, and separating different types of graphics? Then, which texture-based method represents a constructive compromise between the performance and the computational cost? Thus, in this article a benchmarking of the most classical and widely used texture-based feature sets has been conducted using a classical texture-based pixel-labeling scheme on a large corpus of historical documents to have satisfactory and clear answers to the above questions. We focus on determining the performance of each texture-based feature set according to the document content. The results reported in this study provide firstly a qualitative measure of which texture-based feature sets are the most appropriate and secondly a useful benchmark in terms of performance and computational cost for current and future research efforts in HDIA.


Benchmarking Texture Pixel-labeling Historical document image analysis 



This study was supported by the French national research agency (ANR), under Grant ANR-10-CORD-0020, which is gratefully acknowledged. The authors would like also to thank Geneviève Cron and Christos Papadopoulos for providing access to the Gallica digital library\(^{1}\) and IMPACT dataset\(^{2}\), respectively.


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