Detection of exact and similar partial copies for copyright protection of manga

  • Weihan SunEmail author
  • Koichi Kise
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Manga, a kind of Japanese comic book, is an important genre in the realm of image publications requiring copyright protection. To copy manga, illegal users generally focus on certain interesting parts from which to make partial copies to apply in their own drawings. With respect to their sources, copying of manga can be divided into two types: (1) exact copies, which duplicate specific contents of manga, such as scanned manga publications (printed copies) and traced outlines of manga (hand-drawn copies), and (2) similar partial copies, which infringe the copyright of manga characters based on their features. In this paper, we propose applying content-based image retrieval methods to detect both exact and similar copies based on two kinds of regions of interest (ROIs): generic ROIs and face ROIs. The method is able not only to locate the partial copies from images with complex backgrounds, but also to report the corresponding copied parts of copyrighted manga pages for exact copy detection and copied manga characters for similar copy detection. The experimental results prove high performance of the proposed method for detecting printed partial copies. In addition, 85 % of hand-drawn and 77 % of similar partial copies were detected with relatively high precision using a database containing more than \(10{,}000\) manga pages.


Manga Printed copy Hand-drawn copy Similar copy Partial copy Content-based image retrieval 



This research was supported in part by the Grant-in- Aid for Scientic Research (B)(22300062) from Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS).


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