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Characteristics of groin hernia repair in patients without a groin hernia: a nationwide cohort study



Sports hernia is a condition with longstanding groin pain without an obvious pathology. Even though no hernia is present, some of these patients have a groin hernia repair to relieve the pain. The aim of this study was to establish an overview of patient characteristics and surgical techniques in patients that have a groin hernia repair without a hernia present.


This cohort study is based on nationwide data on hernia repairs from the Danish Hernia Database. Patients having a primary groin hernia repair without having a hernia between 1998 and 2011 were included and followed for minimum 4 years. We evaluated patient characteristics, type of surgery, and re-operation rates for laparoscopic and open surgeries.


Groin hernia repairs were performed in 1,028 groins where no hernia was present. The median follow-up after primary surgery was 11 years (range 4–17). Men represented 78% of the patients, and the mean age was 50 years (standard deviation 16.4). The most frequent type of surgery was the open Lichtenstein repair. The overall re-operation rate was 7% and this was evenly distributed across the different types of primary surgeries with no difference in neither the crude nor the cumulated re-operation rates. During re-operation, a groin hernia was found in 88% of the repairs.


Groin hernia repairs in groins without a hernia are performed at all ages and with the typical patient being a middle-aged man receiving an open mesh repair.

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  • Sports hernia
  • Inguinal hernia repair
  • Laparoscopic repair
  • Open repair
  • Re-operations