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Abdominal wall hernia and pregnancy: a systematic review

  • K. K. Jensen
  • N. A. Henriksen
  • L. N. Jorgensen



There is no consensus as to the treatment strategy for abdominal wall hernias in fertile women. This study was undertaken to review the current literature on treatment of abdominal wall hernias in fertile women before or during pregnancy.


A literature search was undertaken in PubMed and Embase in combination with a cross-reference search of eligible papers.


We included 31 papers of which 23 were case reports. In fertile women undergoing sutured or mesh repair, pain was described in a few patients during the last trimester of a subsequent pregnancy. Emergency surgery of incarcerated hernias in pregnant women, as well as combined hernia repair and cesarean section appears as safe procedures. No major complications were reported following hernia repair before or during pregnancy. The combined procedure of elective cesarean section and abdominal wall hernia repair was reported in 102 patients without major complications.


The literature on abdominal wall hernia and pregnancy is sparse. Abdominal wall hernia repair with suture or mesh may cause pain in the last trimester of a subsequent pregnancy. Hernia repair in conjunction with cesarean section appear as the optimal treatment of a pregnant patient with a symptomatic abdominal wall hernia.


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KJ, NH and LJ declare no conflict of interest.


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  • N. A. Henriksen
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