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Sciatic hernia: laparoscopic transabdominal extraperitoneal repair with plug and patch

  • A. C. Bernard
  • C. Lee
  • J. Hoskins
  • J. Lee
  • S. Patel
  • G. Ginn
  • B. Maley
Case Report


Sciatic hernia is a rare pelvic floor hernia that occurs through the greater or lesser sciatic foramen. Sciatic hernias often present as pelvic pain, particularly in women, and diagnosis can be difficult. Transabdominal and transgluteal operative approaches, including laparoscopic repair, have been reported. We show a laparoscopic technique using a plug of human allogeneic dermal matrix and lightweight polypropylene extraperitoneal patch avoiding fixation. The patient had significant improvement of her symptoms and no complications at 12 months follow-up.


Hernia Sciatic Laparoscopy Mesh Pelvic pain 


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  • C. Lee
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  • J. Hoskins
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  • J. Lee
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  • S. Patel
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  • G. Ginn
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  • B. Maley
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