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Congenital Spigelian hernia with cryptorchidism: probably a new syndrome

  • V. RaveenthiranEmail author
Case Report


Nearly 28% of pediatric Spigelian hernias reported in the literature are associated with ipsilateral cryptorchidism. However, the pathogenetic relationship between the two has not been satisfactorily explained in the past. This paper describes a male neonate born with cryptorchidism and imperforate anus. Anal stenosis following the treatment of imperforate anus had let to the development of multiple hernias including Spigelian hernia on the right side. Surgical exploration revealed the right testis being located within the Spigelian hernia. Based on the sequence of events, it is hypothesized that Spigelian hernia in this case is a sequela of maldescended testis and raised intraabdominal pressure. As this explanation is also applicable to all of the previously reported cases, the author suggests that the combination of Spigelian hernia and ipsilateral cryptorchidism could probably form a hitherto unrecognized new syndrome.


Spigelian hernia Lateral ventral hernia Cryptorchidism Undescended testis Testicular embryology Imperforate anus Abdominal wall defects 


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  1. 1.Division of Pediatric Surgery, Rajah Muthiah Medical CollegeAnnamalai UniversityAnnamalai NagarIndia
  2. 2.7. Medical Faculty QuartersAnnamalai Nagar 608002India

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