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J. Bruce Beckwith—Physician Scientist

  • Denis R. Benjamin


Throughout his career, Dr. J. Bruce Beckwith has set the standard as physician/pathologist. Beginning with formal clinical training in pediatrics, Dr. Beckwith honed his practice of pediatric pathology to meet the needs of patient, family, and practitioner, always using a careful and compassionate blend of diagnostic accuracy and clinical practicability. Dr. Beckwith’s scientific contributions are legion and cover the diverse fields of congenital disease, forensic medicine, and neoplasia. Our fundamental understandings of in situ neuroblastoma, Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome, sudden infant death syndrome, and Wilms tumor are all based on Dr. Beckwith’s original observations and interpretations. But equal to his research has been his extraordinary ability to communicate with, console, and inspire people of all walks of life and all disciplines, from patients and their families to students and colleagues. With this passion, Dr. Beckwith has reached far beyond the artificial confines of the laboratory and, in so doing, has earned a rightful place in the annals of pathology, pediatrics, and, indeed, humanity.


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