Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

, Volume 17, Issue 11, pp 2879–2886 | Cite as

Hydrothermal synthesis of simonkolleite microplatelets on nickel foam-graphene for electrochemical supercapacitors

  • S. Khamlich
  • A. Bello
  • M. Fabiane
  • B. D. Ngom
  • N. Manyala
Original Paper


Nickel foam-graphene (NF-G) was synthesized by chemical vapour deposition followed by facial in situ aqueous chemical growth of simonkolleite (Zn5(OH)8Cl2·H2O) under hydrothermal conditions to form NF-G/simonkolleite composite. X-ray diffraction and Raman spectroscopy show the presence of simonkolleite on the NF-G, while scanning and transmission electron microscopies show simonkolleite micro-plates like structure evenly distributed on the NF-G. Electrochemical measurements of the composite electrode give a specific capacitance of 350 Fg−1 at current density of 0.7 Ag−1 for our device measured in three-electrode configuration. The composite also shows a rate capability of ~87 % capacitance retention at a high current density of 5 Ag−1, which makes it a promising candidate as an electrode material for supercapacitor applications.


Graphene Composite structure Simonkolleite Supercapacitor 



This work was financially supported by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Pretoria and the National Research Foundation (NRF) of South Africa.


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.SARChI Chair in Carbon Technology and Materials, Institute of Applied Materials, Department of PhysicsUniversity of PretoriaHatfieldSouth Africa
  2. 2.NANOAFNET, MRD-iThemba LABSNational Research FoundationSomerset WestSouth Africa

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