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The application of scanning electrochemical microscopy to the discovery of Pd–W electrocatalysts for the oxygen reduction reaction that demonstrate high activity, stability, and methanol tolerance

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An array of Pd–W alloys was fabricated, and the electrocatalytic activity of the alloys for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in acidic media was screened by scanning electrochemical microscopy. The Pd0.7W0.3 showed the highest activity for the ORR, close to that for Pd0.8Co0.2 and Pt. A Pd–W electrocatalyst loaded on carbon black was formed by the NaBH4-reduction method, exhibiting high activity and stability, suggesting that it is a good candidate for the proton exchange membrane fuel cell cathode.


Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) Scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) Pd–W alloy electrocatalyst Fuel cells Combinatorial screening method 


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  1. 1.Center for Electrochemistry, Department of Chemistry and BiochemistryThe University of Texas at AustinAustinUSA

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