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Electrochemical oxidation behavior of methotrexate at DNA/SWCNT/Nafion composite film-modified glassy carbon electrode

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Glassy carbon electrode modified with DNA-functionalized single-walled carbon nanotube (DNA/SWCNT) and Nafion composite film was developed for the detection of methotrexate. The characteristics of the modified electrode were examined by transmission electron microscopy and cyclic voltammetry. Compared with a bare glassy carbon electrode and Nafion- and SWCNT/Nafion-modified electrodes, the DNA/SWCNT/Nafion-modified one exhibited the more superior ability of detecting methotrexate, including the higher sensitivity and the lower overpotentials, due to the synergetic DNA-functionalized SWCNT and Nafion. Also, the dependence of the current on pH, nature of buffer, instrumental parameters, accumulation time, and potential was investigated to optimize the experimental conditions in the determination of methotrexate. Under the selected conditions, the modified electrode in pH = 2.78 Britton–Robinson buffer solutions showed a linear voltammetric response to methotrexate within the concentration range of 2.0 × 10−8–1.5 × 10−6 mol L−1, with the detection limit of 8.0 × 10−9 mol L−1. The method was also applied to detect methotrexate in medicinal tablets and spiked human blood serum samples.


Methotrexate DNA/SWCNT/Nafion Electrochemical oxidation Square wave voltammetry 



The authors gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Natural Science Foundation of Henan Province in China (No. 2008A150008, 2010B150007).


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  1. 1.Department of Material and Chemistry EngineeringHenan Institute of EngineeringZhengzhouPeople’s Republic of China
  2. 2.Department of ChemistryZhengzhou Normal UniversityZhengzhouPeople’s Republic of China

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