Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry

, Volume 14, Issue 7, pp 1125–1144 | Cite as

Cathode materials for solid oxide fuel cells: a review

  • Chunwen Sun
  • Rob Hui
  • Justin Roller
Review Paper


The composition and microstructure of cathode materials has a large impact on the performance of solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs). Rational design of materials composition through controlled oxygen nonstoichiometry and defect aspects can enhance the ionic and electronic conductivities as well as the catalytic properties for oxygen reduction in the cathode. Cell performance can be further improved through microstructure optimization to extend the triple-phase boundaries. A major degradation mechanism in SOFCs is poisoning of the cathode by chromium species when chromium-containing alloys are used as the interconnect material. This article reviews recent developments in SOFC cathodes with a principal emphasis on the choice of materials. In addition, the reaction mechanism of oxygen reduction is also addressed. The development of Cr-tolerant cathodes for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells, and a possible mechanism of Cr deposition at cathodes are briefly reviewed as well. Finally, this review will be concluded with some perspectives on the future of research directions in this area.


Solid oxide fuel cells Cathode materials Microstructure Reaction mechanism Chromium poisoning 



The authors acknowledge the financial support from the National Research Council Canada-Institute for Fuel Cell Innovation. We would also like to thank the referees for their constructive comments and suggestions on an earlier version of the manuscript.


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