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Endoscopic assistance in the diagnosis and treatmentof odontogenic maxillary sinus disease

  • Gregory Venetis
  • Eleni Bourlidou
  • Paris Georgios Liokatis
  • Lampros Zouloumis
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Endoscopic sinus surgery has become an increasingly popular treatment for most surgical cases of chronic sinusitis. However, in some cases, a modification of the classic Caldwell–Luc operation is unavoidable. The purpose of this paper is to present the outcome of 20 cases with pathology of the maxillary sinus which was approached endoscopically on diagnostic or interventional purpose. The primary indication for endoscopy for 11 cases was acute or chronic odontogenic sinusitis. For six cases, endoscopy was performed for removing a foreign body from the sinus cavity and for the remaining three cases, for diagnostic purpose only.


A 4-mm rigid endoscope was used through the middle nasal meatus (eight cases) or via a puncture at the canine fossa (seven cases). A combined endoscopic approach was used in five cases. In three cases, endoscopy was combined with Caldwell–Luc technique. For the majority of the patients, the operation was performed under local anesthesia (16 cases).


The mean follow-up period was 9.1 months. No major complications were observed. One patient died 18 months after an endoscopically assisted detection of malignancy. Results were depended on the surgical procedure pursued and the underlying sinus pathology. Laborious surgery and chronic sinusitis gave the less satisfactory results.


Endoscopy of the maxillary sinus can be applied in a variety of indications. Alone or in combination with conventional surgery, it is a minimally invasive and highly diagnostic tool.


Endoscopic sinus surgery Endoscopic assistance Sinus disease Caldwell–Luc technique Rhinosinusitis 


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  • Paris Georgios Liokatis
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  • Lampros Zouloumis
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