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Is photoisomerization required for NO photorelease in ruthenium nitrosyl complexes?

  • Juan Sanz García
  • Fabienne Alary
  • Martial Boggio-Pasqua
  • Isabelle M. Dixon
  • Jean-Louis Heully
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  1. Festschrift in Honor of Henry Chermette


The factors that explain the competition between intramolecular NO linkage photoisomerization and NO photorelease in five ruthenium nitrosyl complexes were investigated. By applying DFT-based methods, it was possible to characterize the ground states and lowest triplet potential energy surfaces of these species, and to establish that both photoisomerization and photorelease processes can occur in the lowest triplet state of each species. This work highlights the crucial role of the sideways-bonded isomer, a metastable state also known as the MS2 isomer, in the photochemical loss of NO, while the results obtained also indicate that the population of the triplet state of this isomer is compulsory for both processes and show how photoisomerization and photorelease interfere.

Graphical Abstract

Illustration of the crucial role of the 3MS2 state in the photoreactivities of ruthenium nitrosyl complexes


Computational study DFT Ruthenium complexes Photorelease Nitrosyl Photoisomerization pathway Chain-of-states method Bond dissociation energy 



This paper is dedicated to Prof. H. Chermette, whose pioneering work (2001) on the photoisomerization of metal nitrosyl complexes was greatly inspiring to us.

Fruitful discussions with Isabelle Malfant’s team (LCC-CNRS Toulouse) and Marylise Buron-Lecointe (ESIR Rennes) were highly appreciated.

This work was performed using HPC resources from CALMIP (grant no. 2015-P1133).

Supplementary material

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  1. 1.Laboratoire de Chimie et Physique Quantiques, UMR 5626, IRSAMCCNRS et Université de ToulouseToulouseFrance

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