Computing and Visualization in Science

, Volume 19, Issue 5–6, pp 19–46 | Cite as

Numerical methods for fractional diffusion

  • Andrea Bonito
  • Juan Pablo Borthagaray
  • Ricardo H. NochettoEmail author
  • Enrique Otárola
  • Abner J. Salgado
Special Issue FEM Symposium 2017


We present three schemes for the numerical approximation of fractional diffusion, which build on different definitions of such a non-local process. The first method is a PDE approach that applies to the spectral definition and exploits the extension to one higher dimension. The second method is the integral formulation and deals with singular non-integrable kernels. The third method is a discretization of the Dunford–Taylor formula. We discuss pros and cons of each method, error estimates, and document their performance with a few numerical experiments.


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