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Smoothers for control- and state-constrained optimal control problems

  • Alfio BorzìEmail author
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A framework for designing robust smoothing procedures for control- and state-constrained optimal control problems is presented. The focus is on minimization problems governed by elliptic partial differential equations with additional pointwise constraints on the control variable or on the state variable, respectively. The basic principle for the construction of the present smoothers is the solution of the corresponding optimality systems at grid-point level. A new approach is presented to cope with the lack of differentiability due to the presence of the constraints.


Variational Inequality Optimal Control Problem Multigrid Method Elliptic Partial Differential Equation Multigrid Algorithm 
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  1. 1.Institut für Mathematik und Wissenschaftliches RechnenKarl-Franzens-Universität GrazGrazAustria

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