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Does periodontal treatment have an effect on clinical and immunological parameters of periodontal disease in obese subjects? A systematic review and meta-analysis

  • Gustavo G. Nascimento
  • Fábio R. M. Leite
  • Marcos B. Correa
  • Marco A. Peres
  • Flávio F. Demarco



The aim of this study was to systematically review the literature to answer the questions: (i) “Is periodontal treatment effective to improve clinical and immunological conditions in obese subjects?”; (ii) “Do obese subjects present different clinical and immunological response after periodontal therapy when compared to non-obese subjects?”


Searches were performed in six databases up to August 2014. Interventional studies were included if the following data were described: (1) Obesity/overweight assessment; (2) definition of periodontal disease; (3) periodontal therapy; (4) inflammatory marker in serum/plasma, and/or clinical parameters of periodontal disease. Assessment of quality was performed with the Downs and Black scale. Meta-analyses were conducted with the available data.


Of 489 articles, 5 were included, and only 3 proceeded to meta-analysis of clinical outcomes. Included studies presented fair methodological quality. Statistical analysis demonstrated that periodontal therapy in obese subjects was effective to improve clinical outcomes. No clinical differences between post-therapy results of obese and non-obese were observed. Effects of periodontal therapy on inflammatory markers remain unclear.


Periodontal treatment seems to be effective to improve healing in obese individuals. No differences on periodontal healing between obese and non-obese subjects were observed; however, only limited and fragile base of evidence was available for analysis.

Clinical relevance

Periodontal treatment is effective to improve clinical and immunological periodontal parameters in adults. Also, obesity seems to not modify the periodontal healing after treatment.


Periodontal therapy Periodontitis Obesity Nutritional status Cytokines 


Compliance with ethical standards

Ethical approval

This article does not contain any studies with human participants or animals performed by any of the authors.

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The authors declare that they have no competing interests.


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  • Fábio R. M. Leite
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  • Marcos B. Correa
    • 1
  • Marco A. Peres
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  • Flávio F. Demarco
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  1. 1.Post-Graduate Program in DentistryFederal University of PelotasPelotasBrazil
  2. 2.Australian Research Centre for Population Oral Health (ARCPOH), School of DentistryThe University of AdelaideAdelaideAustralia
  3. 3.Post-Graduate Program in EpidemiologyFederal University of PelotasPelotasBrazil

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