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Transmigration of impacted canines: prevalence, management and implications on tooth structure and pulp vitality of adjacent teeth

  • Emmanuel Mazinis
  • Anastasios Zafeiriadis
  • Athinodoros Karathanasis
  • Theodor Lambrianidis
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The aim of this study was to estimate the prevalence of transmigrant canines in a sample of panoramic radiographs of a random Greek population, to classify them and evaluate clinically and radiographically all the implications for adjacent teeth. Panoramic radiographs of 3,586 patients retrieved from eight private practices between 1998 and 2009, were examined. Panoramic radiographs with extracted canines were not included in this study. An impacted canine was considered to be transmigrant when at least part of its length had crossed the midline. Six radiographs exhibited transmigrant canines (0.17% of the total sample of panoramic radiographs), of which four were mandibular and two maxillary. Canine transmigration is a rare phenomenon in Greek population. The impact of transmigrant canines on adjacent teeth varied from inclination, calcific metamorphosis and root resorption to no effect. Orthodontic therapy was the treatment of choice for two of the cases, while in the remaining cases the patients were scheduled for periodic recalls. Clinical and radiographic evaluation and early diagnosis are crucial aids in proper treatment planning.


Canines Tooth migration Pulp vitality tests Panoramic radiograph Orthodontic 


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  • Anastasios Zafeiriadis
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  • Athinodoros Karathanasis
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  • Theodor Lambrianidis
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