Drone flight planning for safe urban operations

UTM requirements and tools
  • Juan BesadaEmail author
  • Ivan Campaña
  • Luca Bergesio
  • Ana Bernardos
  • Gonzalo de Miguel
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This paper describes the requirements of a flight planning tool for safe urban operations, which may be used to design operations considering flight constraints and limitations. This system is designed to work in coordination with an unmanned traffic management system in charge of distributing available very low level airspace resources among different operations and authorizing them, and of monitoring compliance of actual flights with flight authorizations. Representative examples of flight planning are described, as calculated by a prototype flight planning tool following this requirements.


Drone Fleet management Unmanned traffic management system UTM 


Funding information

This work was supported by UPM Project “Tecnologías Avanzadas para la Monitorización y Gestión Remota del Tráfico Aéreo de Vehículos Pilotados y no Pilotados” (RP1509550C02), and by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, Grant TEC2017-88048-C2-1-R


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  1. 1.Universidad Politécnica de MadridMadridSpain

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