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A system for the provision of medical diagnostic and treatment advice in home care environment

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Healthcare is an increasingly collaborative enterprise, involving broad range of healthcare services provided by many individuals and organizations. Apart from the provision of healthcare services to patients during hospitalization, the ability to assist people who have healthcare needs at their homes (e.g., the elderly) has become an increasingly critical issue. Provision of such personalized medical care services to patients requires readily access to integrated healthcare services ubiquitously. The integration of mobile and wireless devices with Grid technology can provide ubiquitous and pervasive access to Grid services. This article presents MASPortal, a Grid portal application for the assistance of people who are in need of medical advice at their homes. MASPortal is designed for use with wireless Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and provides remote access to an automated medical diagnostic and treatment advice system via an adaptive and easy to use interface. MASPortal has been implemented with a multi-layered security infrastructure in order to ensure secure access to healthcare processes and sensitive patient data.


Homecare Medical assistance Wireless PDAs Pervasive access Healthcare process Grid services Access control 


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