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Mobile Spatial Interaction

  • Peter FröhlichEmail author
  • Rainer Simon
  • Lynne Baillie


In this special issue, we wish to introduce you to a new interdisciplinary research field called mobile spatial interaction (MSI). The vision of MSI is to literally put the mobile user in the center of a rich and interactive world of spatial information. The major motivation behind MSI is to facilitate new interaction techniques that enable the user to directly access and manipulate spatially-related information and services.

This emerging research field was first envisioned in the 1990s. Egenhofer [2] proposed mobile information appliances, so-called ‘GeoWands’, serving as pointers to real-world objects, and ‘SmartHorizons’, smart orientation-aware displays that enable the user to look beyond the current field of view. Early research prototypes by Abowd et al. at Georgia Tech investigated the notion of spatially aware devices [1]. With their Cyberguide prototypes, they explored how users would interact with a device aware of its current location. However, their work was...


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The composition of this special issue has been supported by the ftw. project U0 within the Austrian competence center program Kplus.


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