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Interactive movie elements in a pervasive game

  • Sabiha GhellalEmail author
  • Irma Lindt
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This paper presents our research initiatives around new user experiences in the area of pervasive mixed reality crossmedia gaming. In a prototypical game, The Epidemic Menace, we combined static and interactive story telling elements to create a mixed reality experience. As part of this research initiative we also investigated how elements of the real world and virtual worlds could produce a new environment where physical and digital objects can co-exist and interact with each other, we wanted to evaluate how linear stories could be integrated into a game flow and how they could be used to extend game experiences. A new form of interactive entertainment that is not limited to hardware based games or linear storylines but includes a truly interactive TV experience was one of our goals.


Pervasive gaming Crossmedia User interface Augmented streaming Interactive TV IPTV Telenovella 



The presented work is partially funded by the European Commission (IST program, project no. 004457) as part of the IPerG [9] research Consortium

We would like to particularly thank the below listed evaluators for providing an excellent diverse evaluation of the two prototypes: Jaakko Stenros, University of Tampere; Joel Fischer, Fraunhofer FIT and Mathieu Verbeeck, Sony SNS.


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  1. 1.Sony NetServices GmbHBerlinGermany
  2. 2.Fraunhofer FITSchloss BirlinghovenSankt AugustinGermany

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