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Network alarm clock (The 3AD International Design Competition)

  • Albrecht Schmidt
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The network alarm clock is a novel design for an appliance that provides alarm clock functionality. Network alarm clocks are connected over a wireless network to other network alarm clocks of people in the social network of a user. The wake-up time of the alarm is related to presence information (e.g., who is up already, who is still asleep) from other users. A typical wake-up setting is: wake me between 7 am and 10 am when more than half of my family are already up. With a tangible interface the alarm can be enabled or disabled. When enabled this assumes the user has gone to bed; when disabled after ringing it is assumed the user is up. This information is used as a presence information for others.


Alarm clock appliance Social communication Implicit communication 

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  1. 1.Embedded Interaction Research Group, Media InformaticsUniversity of Munich Germany

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