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Parsing gigabytes of JSON per second

  • Geoff Langdale
  • Daniel LemireEmail author
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JavaScript Object Notation or JSON is a ubiquitous data exchange format on the web. Ingesting JSON documents can become a performance bottleneck due to the sheer volume of data. We are thus motivated to make JSON parsing as fast as possible. Despite the maturity of the problem of JSON parsing, we show that substantial speedups are possible. We present the first standard-compliant JSON parser to process gigabytes of data per second on a single core, using commodity processors. We can use a quarter or fewer instructions than a state-of-the-art reference parser like RapidJSON. Unlike other validating parsers, our software (simdjson) makes extensive use of single instruction and multiple data instructions. To ensure reproducibility, simdjson is freely available as open-source software under a liberal license.


JSON parsing SIMD Software performance DFA 



The vectorized UTF-8 validation was motivated by a blog post by O. Goffart. K. Willets helped design the current vectorized UTF-8 validation. In particular, he provided the algorithm and code to check that sequences of two, three and four non-ASCII bytes match the leading byte. The authors are grateful to W. Muła for sharing related number parsing code online. The software library has benefited from the contributions of T. Navennec, K. Wolf, T. Kennedy, F. Wessels, G. Fotopoulos, H. N. Gies, E. Gedda, G. Floros, D. Xie, N. Xiao, E. Bogatov, J. Wang, L. F. Peres, W. Bolsterlee, A. Karandikar, R. Urban, T. Dyson, I. Dotsenko, A. Milovidov, C. Liu, S. Gleason, J. Keiser, Z. Bjornson, V. Baranov, I. A. Daza Dillon and others.

The work is supported in part by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada under grant RGPIN-2017-03910.

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