Fast and accurate stream processing by filtering the cold

  • Tong Yang
  • Jie Jiang
  • Yang Zhou
  • Long He
  • Jinyang Li
  • Bin CuiEmail author
  • Steve Uhlig
  • Xiaoming Li
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Approximate stream processing algorithms, such as Count-Min sketch, Space-Saving, support numerous applications across multiple areas such as databases, storage systems, and networking. However, the unbalanced distribution in real data streams are challenging to existing algorithms. To enhance these algorithms, we propose a meta-framework, called Cold Filter, that enables faster and more accurate stream processing. Different from existing filters that mainly focus on hot (frequent) items, our filter captures cold (infrequent) items in the first stage, and hot items in the second stage. Existing filters also require two-direction communication—with frequent exchanges between the two stages; our filter on the other hand is one-direction—each item enters one stage at most once. Our filter can accurately estimate both cold and hot items, providing a level of genericity that makes it applicable to many stream processing tasks. To illustrate the benefits of our filter, we deploy it on four typical stream processing tasks. Experimental results show speed improvements of up to 4.7 times, and accuracy improvements of up to 51 times.


Data streams Sketch Frequency estimation Top-k hot items Heavy changes Persistent items 



This work is supported by the National Key Research and Development Program of China (2018YFB1004403, 2016YFB1000304), NSFC (61672061, 61832001, and 61572039).


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