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Log-based middleware server recovery with transaction support

  • Rui WangEmail author
  • Betty Salzberg
  • David Lomet
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Providing enterprises with reliable and available Web-based application programs is a challenge. Applications are traditionally spread over multiple nodes, from user (client), to middle tier servers, to back end transaction systems, e.g. databases. It has proven very difficult to ensure that these applications persist across system crashes so that “exactly once” execution is produced, always important and sometimes essential, e.g., in the financial area. Our system provides a framework for exactly once execution of multi-tier Web applications, built on a commercially available Web infrastructure. Its capabilities include low logging overhead, recovery isolation (independence), and consistency between mid-tier and transactional back end. Good application performance is enabled via persistent shared state in the middle tier while providing for private session state as well. Our extensive experiments confirm both the desired properties and the good performance.


Application fault tolerance Exactly once execution Transaction processing Recovery Optimistic logging Distributed systems 


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