Spectroscopic analyses of 2-oxoglutarate-dependent oxygenases: TauD as a case study

  • Denis A. Proshlyakov
  • John McCracken
  • Robert P. Hausinger
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  1. 60 Years of Oxygen Activation


A wide range of spectroscopic approaches have been used to interrogate the mononuclear iron metallocenter in 2-oxoglutarate (2OG)-dependent oxygenases. The results from these spectroscopic studies have provided valuable insights into the structural changes at the active site during substrate binding and catalysis, thus providing critical information that complements investigations of these enzymes by X-ray crystallography, biochemical, and computational approaches. This mini-review highlights taurine hydroxylase (taurine:2OG dioxygenase, TauD) as a case study to illustrate the wealth of knowledge that can be generated by applying a diverse array of spectroscopic investigations to a single enzyme. In particular, electronic absorption, circular dichroism, magnetic circular dichroism, conventional and pulse electron paramagnetic, Mössbauer, X-ray absorption, and resonance Raman methods have been exploited to uncover the properties of the metal site in TauD.


2-Oxoglutarate Nonheme iron Oxygenase Spectroscopy 



Circular dichroism


Continuous flow


Continuous wave




Electron paramagnetic resonance


Electron spin echo envelope modulation


Extended X-ray absorption fine structure


Freeze quench


Fourier transform


Hyperfine sublevel correlation


Ligand-to-metal charge-transfer


Magnetic circular dichroism


Metal-to-ligand charge-transfer




Resonance Raman




Taurine:2OG dioxygenase




X-ray absorption spectroscopy



Work in the authors’ laboratories on this topic was supported by the National Institutes of Health (GM096132 to DAP, GM054065 and RR15880 to JM, and GM063584 to RPH).


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