Future requirements for non-decimal unit prefixes in chemical measurement

  • Richard J. C. BrownEmail author
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The 2019 revision of the International System of Units (SI), including the redefinition of the mole, and the progress of analytical chemistry technologies allowing single-molecule resolution has brought into sharp focus the dilemma between expressing measurements of ultra-low quantities of elementary entities in terms of amount of substance or in terms of counting quantities. We should prefer the use of amount of substance for these measurements for a number of reasons including to allow intensive and extensive quantities in chemistry to be distinguished and to separate these measurements from those involving the counting of non-elementary entities. The discussion article highlights how a new, non-decimal approach to unit prefixes might in future enable amount of substance to be used usefully down to its natural limit—a single elementary entity. A new prefix symbol ‘σ’ is proposed to represent the multiplier 1/{NA}.


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