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Virtual microscopy: Revolutionary means for EQAS in a near future

  • Jean-Claude LibeerEmail author
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For EQA applications, virtual samples have been already used for a long time.

Pictures (either on paper or digitalized) are used for urine sediment evaluation gram stains and sperm morphology. These spot images do not simulate real microscopy as only the most relevant fields are given. Hence, this technique is an ideal tool for education and training, but does not allow to evaluate participants on the daily routine where it is important first to find the relevant cell elements in a real patient sample. Movies are used in the evaluation of sperm motility. There is no other way to organize an EQA survey for this application as only fresh sperm samples can be used for analysis.

The newest application of virtual samples is virtual microscopy, where the microscope is replaced by the computer screen. By means of the two cursors, the whole preparation can be viewed in different magnifications. The newest software applications also allow to fine tune with the so called “z-stack”...


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