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Introduction to the RE’08 special issue

  • Tetsuo TamaiEmail author

The IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE) is the leading conference in the field of requirements engineering. It is held annually and RE’08, the 16th of the RE conference series, took place in Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain on September 11–15, 2008. This special issue contains three articles that are extended and enhanced versions of papers presented at RE’08.

RE’08 brought together over 300 researchers, engineers, practitioners, students, and educators from all over the world to exchange problems, experiences, and promising approaches for improving the quality and use of requirements in the development and delivery of successful systems, products, and services.

The theme of RE’08 was “Requirements Engineering for a Sustainable World,” an important and relevant subject for RE. As software is becoming increasingly vital within modern society, the process of acquiring and describing right and adequate software requirements is tightly related to the goal of attaining...


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