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Agile or analytic? Book reviews: Cohn versus Lavi and Kudish

  • Ian Alexander
Book Review

User stories applied

For agile software development

by Mike Cohn

with a foreword by Kent Beck

Addison Wesley, 2004 (paper)

ISBN 0321205685

Systems modeling and requirements specification using ECSAM

An analysis method for embedded and computer-based systems

by Jonah Z. Lavi and Joseph Kudish

Dorset House, 2005 (paper)

ISBN 0932633455

Every now and again a pair of books come on to the market offering interestingly contrasting perspectives on the same area. Since Kent Beck’s dramatic Extreme Programming burst onstage in 2000, there has been a stream of books from the object-oriented software community on the theme of first ‘extreme’ and now ‘agile’ development approaches. These have argued, sometimes roughly and forcefully, that the traditional software development life cycle was too cumbersome and often ineffective. Meanwhile, the more traditional requirements of engineering and systems communities have continued to do their own thing, tutting politely at the behaviour of the young...

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