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Advances in the synthesis of α-quaternary α-ethynyl α-amino acids

  • Thibaut Boibessot
  • David Bénimélis
  • Patrick Meffre
  • Zohra BenfoddaEmail author
Invited Review


α-Quaternary α-ethynyl α-amino acids are an important class of non-proteinogenic amino acids that play an important role in the development of peptides and peptidomimetics as therapeutic agents and in the inhibition of enzyme activities. This review provides an overview of the literature concerning synthesis and applications of α-quaternary α-ethynyl α-amino acids covering the period from 1977 to 2015.


α-Quaternary α-ethynyl α-amino acids Quaternary amino acid Unsaturated amino acid 


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We gratefully thank the French “ministère de l’éducation nationale, de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche” and the University of Nîmes for their financial support.

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