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S-adenosylmethionine and its products

  • M. A. Grillo
  • S. Colombatto
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S-adenosylmethionine is involved in many processes, mainly methylation, polyamine synthesis and radical-based catalysis. It is synthesised through the catalysis of differently regulated enzyme forms. When it is used, the compounds formed are reutilized in different ways: in case of methylation, its end product is homocysteine, which can be remethylated to methionine, give rise to cysteine in the so-called transsulphuration pathway, or be released; in the case of polyamine synthesis, the methylthioadenosine formed is cleaved and gives rise to compounds which can be reutilized; during radical-based catalysis, 5-deoxyadenosine is formed and this, too, is cleaved and reutilized.

Keywords: Homocysteine – Methylthioadenosine – 5-Deoxyadenosine 


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