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Tversky, Amos, The Essential Tversky

400 pp., The MIT Press, London, UK, 2018, Softcover, $35.00
  • Matthias LangEmail author
Book Review

One of the most fundamental developments in economics of the last decades has been the rise of behavioral economics. The psychologist Amos Tversky has contributed significantly to the relevance of behavioral economics today. In particular, his long cooperation with Daniel Kahneman has proved extremely productive in shaping the way we think about heuristics and biases as well as, more generally, rational decisions and deviations from rationality. Tversky died way too early in 1996 and, thus, missed the Nobel Prize in Economics that was awarded to Kahneman for their joint work in 2002.

Hence, there are more than enough reasons for Eldar Shafir, a student of Tversky, to publish in The Essential Tversky this collection of fourteen of Tversky’s most influential and characteristic papers to make his work accessible to a broader audience. Shafir has chosen these papers from a broader selection of 40 papers published in Shafir (2003) that he compiled in cooperation with Tversky himself. I...



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