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Szenberg, Michael and Ramrattan, Lall: Secrets of Economics Editors

XVII, 389 pp. The MIT Press, Cambridge, 2014. Paperback, $35.00
  • Katarina Zigova
Book Review

For junior academics, journal editors are other-worldly individuals endowed with competences that correspond to the quality of the journal they edit and with the power to discern between worthy research contributions and contributions that are not. In other words, they decide between publish or perish. The perception of this almightiness of editors is promised to dissolve after reading the reflections of economic editors collected in this volume.

This volume consists of 24 lively and catchy discourses from economics journal editors (including two of the volume editors) on their experiences.1 Between the lines some hither to well-kept secrets, are indeed disclosed. But mainly the reader learns about the day-to-day business of editors and how they deal with it. The volume editors did a great job in covering a wide range of journals and various editorial roles. Included are general economics journals, field journals, mainstream, and heterodox journals.2Some of the contributors became...

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  1. 1.Department of EconomicsUniversity of KonstanzKonstanzGermany

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