Mineralogy and Petrology

, Volume 107, Issue 1, pp 67–99 | Cite as

Tellurium-bearing minerals in zoned sulfide chimneys from Cu-Zn massive sulfide deposits of the Urals, Russia

  • V. V. Maslennikov
  • S. P. Maslennikova
  • R. R. Large
  • L. V. Danyushevsky
  • R. J. Herrington
  • C. J. Stanley
Original Paper


Tellurium-bearing minerals are generally rare in chimney material from mafic and bimodal felsic volcanic hosted massive sulfide (VMS) deposits, but are abundant in chimneys of the Urals VMS deposits located within Silurian and Devonian bimodal mafic sequences. High physicochemical gradients during chimney growth result in a wide range of telluride and sulfoarsenide assemblages including a variety of Cu-Ag-Te-S and Ag-Pb-Bi-Te solid solution series and tellurium sulfosalts. A change in chimney types from Fe-Cu to Cu-Zn-Fe to Zn-Cu is accompanied by gradual replacement of abundant Fe-, Co, Bi-, and Pb- tellurides by Hg, Ag, Au-Ag telluride and galena-fahlore with native gold assemblages. Decreasing amounts of pyrite, both colloform and pseudomorphic after pyrrhotite, isocubanite ISS and chalcopyrite in the chimneys is coupled with increasing amounts of sphalerite, quatz, barite or talc contents. This trend represents a transition from low- to high sulphidation conditions, and it is observed across a range of the Urals deposits from bimodal mafic- to bimodal felsic-hosted types: Yaman-Kasy → Molodezhnoye → Uzelga → Valentorskoye → Oktyabrskoye → Alexandrinskoye → Tash-Tau → Jusa.


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The authors are grateful to John Spratt, Terry Greenwood (Natural History Museum), Klaus Bekker (Freiberg Mining Academy), Dave Steel (University of Tasmania), Vasiliy Kotlyarov, Evgeniy Churin (Institute of Mineralogy UB RAS) for assistance with analytical work. Constructive comments from Cristina Ciobanu and an anonymous reviewer helped us to improve the manuscript. The study was supported by the Australian Research Council funding to the Centre of Excellence in Ore Deposits (CODES); Royal Society and the Natural History Museum; Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences program N 23 (12–P–5–1003); and Russian Ministry of Education (НК–544П/14).


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  • L. V. Danyushevsky
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  1. 1.Institute of Mineralogy, Ural Devision of RAS, and the South Ural State UniversityMiassRussia
  2. 2.Institute of Mineralogy, Ural Division of RAS, and the South Ural State UniversityMiassRussia
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  4. 4.Department of MineralogyNatural History MuseumLondonUK

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