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Erratum to: Source of parental melts to carbonatites—critical isotopic constraints (by Keith Bell and Antonio Simonetti)

  • Rainer AbartEmail author

Erratum to: Miner Petrol (2010) 98: 77–89

DOI 10.1007/s00710-009-0059-0

In Volume 98 of this journal, “Carbonatites, alkaline rocks and the mantle: a special issue dedicated to Keith Bell” (March 2010), an article authored by K. Bell and A. Simonetti with the title “Source of parental melts to carbonatites-critical isotopic constraints” was published on pages 77–89. The second paragraph in the right column on page 80 and the first two paragraphs in the left column on page 81 refer to recent work by Fischer et al. published in the 7 May 2009 issue of Nature (Volume 459, pages 77–80). This text was added by the authors during the correction phase and was received by the responsible editor of Mineralogy and Petrology on 22 May. The responsible editor, Dr. R. Abart, accepted the paragraph added by K. Bell and A. Simonetti without further external review. R. Abart failed to declare the added paragraph as a “Note added in proof” and to change the date of acceptance from 4 May, when the contribution by K. Bell and A. Simonetti was first accepted, to 22 May, when the above-mentioned paragraph was received and finally accepted. Addendum: If any language that might have been misconstrued as a personal attack on the capabilities and qualifications of the authors of the work by Fischer et al. eluded the responsible editor, this is sincerely regretted, as this was certainly never the intention.

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