, Volume 247, Issue 3–4, pp 215–231 | Cite as

Calcium storage in plants and the implications for calcium biofortification

  • Maclin Dayod
  • Stephen Donald Tyerman
  • Roger Allen Leigh
  • Matthew Gilliham
Review Article


Calcium (Ca) is an essential nutrient for plants and animals, with key structural and signalling roles, and its deficiency in plants can result in poor biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, reduced crop quality and yield. Likewise, low Ca intake in humans has been linked to various diseases (e.g. rickets, osteoporosis, hypertension and colorectal cancer) which can threaten quality of life and have major economic costs. Biofortification of various food crops with Ca has been suggested as a good method to enhance human intake of Ca and is advocated as an economically and environmentally advantageous strategy. Efforts to enhance Ca content of crops via transgenic means have had promising results. Overall Ca content of transgenic plants has been increased but in some cases adverse affects on plant function have been observed. This suggests that a better understanding of how Ca ions (Ca2+) are stored and transported through plants is required to maximise the effectiveness of future approaches.


Apoplasm Apoplast Biofortification Bioavailability Calcium CAX Osteoporosis 



Arabidopsis thaliana


Arabidopsis thaliana




Calcium ion(s)


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Cell division cycle 2a gene promoter


Cauliflower mosaic virus


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Endoplasmic reticulum


Plasma membrane


Recommended daily intake



Work in our laboratory is supported by the Australian Research Council and the Faculty of Sciences, University of Adelaide. MD is supported by a doctoral scholarship from the Sarawak Government, Malaysia.

Conflict of interest

The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.


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