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Profilin and Rop GTPases are localized at infection sites of plant cells

  • I. Schütz
  • S. Gus-Mayer
  • E. SchmelzerEmail author
Short communication


We have found 5 profilin cDNAs in cultured parsley cells, representing a small gene family of about 5 members in parsley. Specific antibodies were produced using heterologously expressed parsley profilin as antigen. Western blot analysis revealed the occurrence of similar amounts of profilin in roots and green parts of parsley plants. Immunocytochemical staining of parsley cells infected with the oomycetous plant pathogen Phytophthora infestans clearly revealed that profilin accumulates at the site on the plasma membrane subtending the oomycetous appressorium, where the actin cables focus. We also observed the accumulation of Rop GTPases around this site, which might point to a potential function in signaling to the cytoskeleton.

Keywords: Fungal infection; Plant defense; Cell polarization; Actin filament reorganization. 


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