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On hydrodynamical properties of ellipsoidal bubbles

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A major part of this paper is taken up by the calculation of the first axisymmetric surface oscillation frequency and the (2, 0) mode of an ellipsoidal bubble, in order to compare with experimentally obtained values of bubbles rising in water. First, an energy method is used for an ellipsoid oscillating in stagnant water. Interestingly, with help of a paper by Bjerknes [12] at 1873!. The results compare poorly with experiments. Agreement improves when the oscillation of the rise velocity is taken into account. The remaining difference between the results of theory and experimental values is ascribed to deviation of the bubble shape from an ellipsoid. Finally, volume oscillations of ellipsoidal bubbles are calculated with the energy method and the results compare well with those of an earlier work, based on an electrical analogon.


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  1. 1.J. M. Burgers Centre for Fluid DynamicsUniversity of TwenteEnschedeThe Netherlands
  2. 2.Maritime Research Institute in the NetherlandsWageningenThe Netherlands

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