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, Volume 137, Issue 4, pp 459–463 | Cite as

Triton-B Catalyzed, Efficient, One-Pot Synthesis of Carbamate Esters from Alcoholic Tosylates

  • Devdutt Chaturvedi
  • Suprabhat Ray


A novel process for the one-step chemoselective conversion of a variety of alcoholic tosylates into carbamates serving as protected amines was developed using benzyltrimethylammonium hydroxide (Triton-B) in the presence of gaseous carbon dioxide. Thus carbamate esters of different amines were prepared in very good to excellent yields.

Keywords. Alcoholic tosylates; Triton-B; Carbon dioxide; N-Alkyl/aryl carbamates. 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Medicinal and Process Chemistry DivisionCentral Drug Research InstituteLucknowIndia

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