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A recombinant infectious bronchitis virus from a chicken with a spike gene closely related to that of a turkey coronavirus


Using viral metagenomics, the complete genome sequence of an infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) strain (named ahysx-1) from a fecal sample from a healthy chicken in Anhui province, China, was determined. The genome sequence of ahysx-1 was found to be very similar to that of IBV strain ck/CH/LLN/131040 (KX252787), except for the spike gene region, which is similar to that of a turkey coronavirus strain (EU022526), suggesting that ahysx-1 is a recombinant. Recombination analysis and phylogenetic analysis based on the genomic sequences of ahysx-1 and other related strains confirmed that ahysx-1 appears to be a recombinant resulting from a recombination event that occurred between a chicken coronavirus and a turkey coronavirus. Further studies need to be performed to determine whether this recombinant IBV strain is pathogenic and whether it is transmitted between chickens and turkeys.

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This work was partly supported by the National Key Research and Development Programs of China (no. 2017YFC1200201), Jiangsu Provincial Key Research and Development Projects (no. BE2017693), Jiangsu Social Development Project (no. BE2016663), National Natural Science Foundation of China (no. 81741062), Student’s Platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Program (no. 201810299587 W), and the Blood Systems Research Institute.

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  • Viral metagenomics
  • Coronavirus
  • Infectious bronchitis virus
  • Genome recombination