Detection and genetic characterization of a novel parvovirus distantly related to human bufavirus in domestic pigs


In this study, a novel parvovirus (strain swine/Zsana3/2013/HUN, KT965075) was detected in domestic pigs and genetically characterized by viral metagenomics and PCR methods. The novel parvovirus was distantly related to the human bufaviruses and was detected in 19 (90.5 %) of the 21 and five (33.3 %) of the 15 faecal samples collected from animals with and without cases of posterior paraplegia of unknown etiology from five affected farms and one control farm in Hungary, respectively. Swine/Zsana3/2013/HUN is highly prevalent in domestic pigs and potentially represents a novel parvovirus species in the subfamily Parvovirinae.

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Fig. 1


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This work was supported by a grant from the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA/NKFIH K111615) and by NHLBI R01-HL105770.

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Correspondence to Gábor Reuter.

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The authors declare that they have no conflict of interest.

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Hargitai, R., Pankovics, P., Kertész, A.M. et al. Detection and genetic characterization of a novel parvovirus distantly related to human bufavirus in domestic pigs. Arch Virol 161, 1033–1037 (2016).

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