Journal of Neural Transmission

, Volume 107, Issue 10, pp 1139–1147

Estrogen and progesterone distinctively modulate methamphetamine-induced dopamine and serotonin depletions in C57BL/6J mice

  • L. Yu
  • P.-C. Liao

DOI: 10.1007/s007020070027

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Yu, L. & Liao, PC. J Neural Transm (2000) 107: 1139. doi:10.1007/s007020070027


Intra-striatal infusion of a high dose (100 μg/3 μl) of methamphetamine produced long-lasting depletions of striatal dopamine and serotonin in both male and female mice. Male mice exhibited a greater depletion of striatal dopamine and serotonin than female mice. A similar trend of sexual differences was observed when 4 cumulative doses of methamphetamine were administered systemically. Thus, the sexual differences in methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity in the striatum are probably not due to their differences in peripheral metabolism of methamphetamine. Moreover, ovariectomized (OVX) mice supplemented with 3 daily doses of estradiol benzoate (EB) at high or physiological levels, 3 daily doses of progesterone (P), and 2 doses of EB followed by 1 dose of P all demonstrated higher striatal dopamine levels following methamphetamine treatment as compared to vehicle-supplemented controls. The OVX mice pretreated with 3 daily doses of P exhibited the highest striatal serotonin levels after methamphetamine administration of all groups. In conclusion, sexual differences observed in methamphetamine-induced striatal neurotoxicity may be modulated by ovarian hormones.

Keywords: Gender, ovarian hormones, catecholamines, indolamines. 

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Authors and Affiliations

  • L. Yu
    • 1
  • P.-C. Liao
    • 2
  1. 1.Institute of Behavioral Medicine, National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine, Tainan, TaiwanTW
  2. 2.Department of Environmental and Occupational Health, National Cheng Kung University College of Medicine, Tainan, TaiwanTW

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