Journal of Neural Transmission

, Volume 114, Issue 5, pp 527–537 | Cite as

How a neuropsychiatric brain bank should be run: a consensus paper of Brainnet Europe II

  • A. Schmitt
  • M. Bauer
  • H. Heinsen
  • W. Feiden
  • The Consortium of Brainnet Europe II
  • P. Falkai
  • I. Alafuzoff
  • T. Arzberger
  • S. Al-Sarraj
  • J. E. Bell
  • N. Bogdanovic
  • W. Brück
  • H. Budka
  • I. Ferrer
  • G. Giaccone
  • G. G. Kovacs
  • D. Meyronet
  • M. Palkovits
  • P. Parchi
  • E. Patsouris
  • R. Ravid
  • R. Reynolds
  • P. Riederer
  • W. Roggendorf
  • A. Schwalber
  • D. Seilhean
  • H. Kretzschmar


The development of new molecular and neurobiological methods, computer-assisted quantification techniques and neurobiological investigation methods which can be applied to the human brain, all have evoked an increased demand for post-mortem tissue in research. Psychiatric disorders are considered to be of neurobiological origin. Thus far, however, the etiology and pathophysiology of schizophrenia, depression and dementias are not well understood at the cellular and molecular level. The following will outline the consensus of the working group for neuropsychiatric brain banking organized in the Brainnet Europe II, on ethical guidelines for brain banking, clinical diagnostic criteria, the minimal clinical data set of retrospectively analyzed cases as well as neuropathological standard investigations to perform stageing for neurodegenerative disorders in brain tissue. We will list regions of interest for assessments in psychiatric disorder, propose a dissection scheme and describe preservation and storage conditions of tissue. These guidelines may be of value for future implementations of additional neuropsychiatric brain banks world-wide.

Keywords: Brain bank, post-mortem, schizophrenia, depression, dementia, neuropathology 


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