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LINAC radiosurgery for glomus jugulare tumors: retrospective – cohort study of 23 patients

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Glomus jugulare tumors (GJTs) are uncommon and locally disruptive tumors that usually arise within the jugular foramen of the temporal bone. Surgery was the treatment of choice up until recently. In the last decades, however, radiosurgery has surfaced as a promising alternative treatment by providing excellent tumor control with low risk of cranial nerve injuries. Our aim was to examine the results of radiosurgery specifically, linear accelerator stereotactic radiosurgery (LINAC SRS) for GJT treatment. We hypothesized that radiosurgery will reduce the size of the tumor and improve neurological symptoms.

Design and method

Between January 1, 1994 and December 31, 2013, 30 patients with GJTs were treated in Sheba Medical Center using LINAC SRS treatment. Comprehensive clinical follow-up was available for 23 patients. Sixteen patients were female and seven males with a median age of 64 years, with a range of 18–87 years. In 19 of the patients, LINAC SRS was the primary treatment, whereas in the remaining four cases, surgery or embolization preceded radiosurgery. The median treated dose to tumor margin was 14 Gy (range 12–27 Gy), and the median tumor volume before treatment was 5 ml (range 0.5–15 ml).


Following the LINAC SRS treatment, 14 of 23 patients (60%) showed improvement of previous neurological deficits, nine patients (40%) remained unchanged. At the end of a follow-up, tumor reduction was seen in 13 patients and a stable volume in eight (91% tumor control rate). Two cases of tumor progression were noted. Three patients (13%) had post- SRS complications during the follow-up, two of which achieved tumor control, while in one the tumor advanced.


LINAC SRS is a practical treatment option for GJTs, with a high rate of tumor control and satisfactory neurological improvement.

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  • Linear accelerator stereotactic radiosurgery (LINAC SRS)
  • Glomus jugulare tumor (GJT)