Symptomatic developmental venous anomalies

  • Lorenzo RinaldoEmail author
  • Giuseppe Lanzino
  • Kelly D. Flemming
  • Timo Krings
  • Waleed Brinjikji
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Cerebral developmental venous anomalies (DVAs) are variations of venous vascular anatomy related to an underdevelopment of either the superficial or deep venous emissary system, resulting in a dilated transmedullary vein fed by multiple smaller venous radicles responsible for drainage of normal brain parenchyma. While typically benign and found incidentally on imaging studies, DVAs can rarely be symptomatic. The radiographic appearance of DVAs, as well as their symptomatic manifestations, is diverse. Herein, we will discuss the pathophysiology of symptomatic DVAs while providing illustrative case examples depicting each of their pathogenic mechanisms.


Developmental venous anomaly Pathologic processes Vascular malformation Venous thromboembolism 


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