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Website-visibility of Neurosurgical Centers in Europe. A necessary tool for enhancing scientific network cooperation and information distribution: letter to the editor

  • Antonino Germanò
  • Antonino Scibilia
  • Giovanni RaffaEmail author
  • Felice Esposito
Letter to the editor - EANS Affairs

Dear Editor,

In the field of science, the web-visibility rate of a publication from bibliographic data coincide with the frequency of the websites on which a determined paper is cited after entering full-title into Google® or any other search engine [4]. Applying this concept to the national societies and healthcare centers, it becomes intuitive to understand how web-visibility is strongly correlated with their global visibility [2, 3] and represents a key issue including a social significance [5, 6].

On the heels of web-visibility, the aim of this letter is to describe an overview, drawn in the frame of the European Association of Neurosurgical Societies (EANS), to investigate the European National neurosurgical societies (ENNS) website-visibility. We defined the ENNS website-visibility as the capability of a website to be worthwhile for scientific collaboration as well as for information’s divulgation either for neurosurgeons and patients. Therefore, we tried to measure the ENNS...


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.NeurosurgeryUniversity of MessinaMessinaItaly
  2. 2.Department of Clinical and Experimental MedicineUniversity of MessinaMessinaItaly

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