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Is the complete excision of circumferential intradural spinal meningiomas achievable?

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Circumferential intradural spinal meningiomas are exceptionally rare. They pose several surgical challenges and a complete excision is not easy. The aim of this study is to provide surgical strategies to facilitate a full excision of such tumors.


A fully circumferential intradural meningioma at T9/10 was fully removed via a posterior approach and a structured single procedure, with no intra or perioperative complications.


Complete removal of circumferential spinal meningiomas can be achieved with wise preoperative planning, familiarity with techniques needed to transpose the spinal cord, and a structured staged excision of the four components of these tumors.


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Supplementary material

Video 1

Midline standard T9-10 laminectomy, followed by systematic dissection and removal of the tumor — posterior, left, anterior, right components. (MOV 132728 kb)


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